Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's been some time since I paid any attention to the blog, so here I am updating 6 months worth of pictures. Hope you enjoy... Here you go Sis....I finally did it! :)

It wouldn't be complete if I didn't put a picture of Diesel in here. This is his "Are you talking to me?" look.

These go from most recent, being just a few days ago, to June.

I was just in the Trail of Two Cities Marathon on Sunday. This is our relay didn't really think I would run all 26.2 miles myself did you?! Nick, Dave, Christy and Me. Christy was the brainchild behind it having done a half marathon two years in a row. It was one of the best experiences ever and we will definitely do it again!
Our moral support

After the race

Homecoming...Coya was nominated for homecoming queen!

She and Mr. T

Maddie and Mrs. Yee...Maddie was up for Freshman Princess

Best Buds...Coya and Heather (she was also nominated)

These were her "after the show" shoes.

Friends..... :)

Singing the National Anthem before the game

Like I said, these are in reverse order. Getting ready for the big night. Lots of thanks to Kitty for doing her hair and makeup. She was wonderful!

"Hold still now"

Many thanks as well to Alex, Kitty's daughter, who let Nacoya borrow her gown.

Homecoming activities during the week. The queens had to play "Catch the Pig". That's one way to keep oneself humble!

She caught him!
Here we are now to Jen leaving for England....
Saying our last goodbyes before she boards the plane

The plane...a 747 Jumbo Jet!

A trip to Pismo with two of her close girl friends before leaving for England...
Our favorite place to eat on Pismo Beach
First stop was Hearst's Castle

Silly girls

Lunch with Josh and Jen before he left for UC Irvine. He left for school a week before Jen did.
First day of school...Senior year!!!Here is a random one in the mix...he is a little dog in a big dog's body and thinks he should be able to sit in my lap!
Jen enjoying the telescope that Uncle C.P. gave her.
Coya and Heather take stats for the football team. This was their first home game of the season.
This was a fun surprise....Nacoya's good friend, Tyler, gave her four tickets to see the Jonas Brothers!

A little excited, I'd say!
In front of their bus.

That's Tyler in the red. He had some surgery in the summer and just LOVES fried chicken, so we had him over during his recovery for some southern cooking....fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, and fried apples (which really aren't fried, but loaded with cinnamon, butter and a bit of sugar.)
Another random Diesel shot...this time not of him but of my phone that I accidently left outside on the swing and he found it and ate it. Glad I had a free upgrade coming.
Dave and I took a trip over the summer to see his parents in Arizona. His mom will be 80 in March and we don't see them very often, so we hopped in the jeep and took off for a long weekend.

Jen turned 18 in July, so we invited some friends to Bobby Salazar's for lunch. Best Mexican food in Fresno/Clovis and a Teter favorite!

Jen and Missy
Last but not least, a picture of me with some of my voice students at a recital in June.

Me and my better half

J & J

Our Marine

Matt and Trin having fun w/ Joshie and Jenna

Kadence and Keaton

Girl power

Gabe and Josh w/ Grandpa

When they were young

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