Monday, March 9, 2009

The Blossom Trail 2009....sort of

Yesterday we drove the blossom trail and into the foothills. It's still winter, but looks like spring. Just a California thing....when we get rain it greens up and all the wild flowers start blooming. Goofy me didn't take one picture of the orchards that are blooming, but I did get some pictures of the hills and the wild flowers. Here is a little pictorial journal of the trip. We will begin with silly pictures from the two silly girls, Jenna and Melissa....

Yes, this would be them taking pictures of themselves

A view from highway 180 down into a valley.

Lunch! We took a little detour into Wonder Valley, an equestrian community about 5+ miles off the beaten path. We were able to find a spot near a meadow for some lunch.
A short nap for Missy after lunch

The meadow where we ate...

...And us in the meadow

Jen and Dad being silly

I like this one...Daddy/Daughter
A Cow...the girls took that one. They were everywhere, cows and horses.
Some of the wildflowers
These were my favorite...little blue ones
They kind of look like a viola
These were the ones in the field where we at lunch


whittakerwoman said...

Aww, just a little piece of home... thanks! :) H

Spike and Tuna Jones said...

these are great. I love california in the spring. the girls are in shorts... already!!!

Spike and Tuna Jones said...

oh yes.. the picture with your title.. very nice.

Robynn's Ravings said...

What a beautiful day and great photos!! I have cabin fever so bad. Gotta get out there before it's gone. Maybe next weekend.

Thank you for your comments over on my site. You are TOO gracious to me!!!!

Glad the girls got some fun hang out time. What a great day. :)

Bz said...

Love the spring pics! What a nice day it looks like y'all had. I really like the father /daughter pic- simple snapshots like that can turn into longstanding memories and favorite photos looked back on. What a nice photo trip we peepers got to see. Thanks!
Say, at some point ?soon? I'll be posting on the "bierocks " (ha, yeah right) I did -inspiration from your post. They were nothing like the old Germans did, but edible nonetheless.

Linda said...

The shorts and tee shirts say it all ... what a gorgeous day you had!

Kaylee Bean said...

This is so fun! Jen and Missy are so hilarious and cute. :-) And I LOVE the flowers.Aren't they the greatest?!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, and the flowers are pretty two. You have great girls in your life :)

The Parish Clan said...

How beautiful . . . flowers, girls, and you! You should have stopped in while you were out this way. :-) I love this time of year!

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