Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catching Up!!!

Post #1
Here is about three weeks of catching of Breakaway, the Tax Day Rally and Jen's Senior that order. That procrastinator side of my personality seems to come out when blogging! Oh well, better late than never...Enjoy!
We will start with some follow-up pictures to my last post on Breakaway - the spring break outreach. These are at the park in Orange Cove (I thought of our friends the Parish's who live a hop/skip from here out in the countryside of Orange Cove...hello Parish's!) Two nights of the outreach the team went to Selma and Orange Cove to reach out to the community, feed them, have an Easter egg hunt and a time of worship and teaching...

Jen in the park

Coya with the bullhorn...a dangerous thing for her!
Setting up for the Easter Egg hunt

Lots of eggs with candy in them! I know because Christy and I filled hundreds of them one afternoon.

Setting up for the BBQ

Lots of food. The Selma outreach was the night before and they planned for 200...500 came! In Orange Cove they were prepared...500 hot dogs, buns, drinks and chips....about 300 came, but at least they were prepared this time.

Unloading sound equipment and instruments

The crowd gathers

Worship leader, Isais (don't know if I spelled his name would think I would know, we only went to high school together...sorry friend!)

The band

Before the park event the church they were working with fed the group a wonderful Mexican meal...YUM!

At the church waiting for dinner

The food

Post #2
We did our civic duty and participated in the Tax Day Rally last Wednesday. What a group was there...I believe they had 6400 registered and estimated 7500 actually came.
The crowd

The platform for various speakers

Signing in

I liked this gentleman's sign. I could write a paper on what is happening in our country right now, but don't worry, I won't do it here. I will simply say that in studying early 20th century history with Jen this year, I am compelled to exercise my democratic right to allow my voice to be heard, whether through a letter to my congressman or a gathering like this. It was a peaceful, but bold statement that regardless of the direction some of our leaders want to take us in, people value their freedom and will not easily surrender it.

The American Flag...I still cry every time I hear our national anthem. Maybe in getting older I am just more appreciative and aware of the freedoms we are privileged with as Americans.

Post #3
Senior Trip!!!
Jen's Senior Class with CHEFA left Sunday afternoon for a three day trip to Disneyland and Huntington Beach. Here they are gathering for the trip.

Mrs. H. handing out caps and gowns....that was a bit surreal...the first official item to arrive for graduation.

Friends, all ready to go!

Kevin, Kelsey and Teresa. Kelsey is one of Jen's good friends and Teresa, her mom, was their room mom for the trip. She couldn't have had a better chaperon...Teresa loves to have fun and is the perfect mom for those late night talks!

The group, all ready to go!


Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh Reg! It was so good to catch up with all the goings on. Great pics and I you're way ahead of me. I don't have any pics of the kids taking off or of the group.

I always miss you out here but realize there is actually a world out there! Thanks for updating us!

Sally said...

How fun! And hey, I recognize that park in Orange Cove. I wish we would've know ya'll were there! What a neat ministry opportunity.

And the photos of the senior trip look like so much fun . . .

becca said...

auntie, I totally know what you are saying about procrastinating. i am so like that too. I have a paper due next wednesday that i havent started on. hahaha oh well :)

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