Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day in Yosemite

We have had no time to get up to Yosemite this spring with all the graduation happenings, so Sunday we took advantage of a free day and headed for the hills! I say it all the time, but we never tire of the drive or of Yosemite. It really is one of God's wonders. Here we are starting out the trip...the girls were a little more than excited to be getting up to the mountains!

Our driver and Father of the Day
We're in the pines!
The tunnel going into Yosemite...we had to roll down the windows and raise our voices as we drove through
First view
Me and my honey
First look at one of the falls
This meadow was SOOOOOOOO green....uh, those are just animated field ornaments out there on the path.
Dave was on the phone wishing his dad a Happy Father's Day too
Lunch before a hike
Fruit and Oven Fried Chicken
...and Macaroni Salad...Yum!
A pretty Dogwood tree
Ready for the hike
Vernal Falls from the bridge
So much water!
Above: the trail leading to the falls
Below: The view from the top of Vernal Falls ...breathtaking!

Coya and her "titanic" moment

We made it to the top! You get to Vernal by way of mist trail (three pictures ago)...I think it should be called shower trail as one gets quite wet on the way up...as evidenced by my hair. Hey! How come I'm the only one that looks like a wet rat?!

Vernal Falls

Our fearless leader, whom Coya affectionately called "Dora the Explorer!" She was determined that we were not only going the 1.5 miles to Vernal, but to Nevada Falls as well...mind you nearly another 2 miles UP!

At the top of Nevada Falls...a little rest was in order.

Dave and I....I took this picture holding the camera...can't believe it actually came out!

On the way back down

Yeah! We made it! It was a great day of a little more exercise than we had planned on, but so worth the scenery. Dave spent a lot of years vacationing in Yosemite before we got married and we spent some of our honeymoon there as well, so it seemed kind of fitting to spend
"his day" in a place he loves so much.


Teresa said...

Oh man, that looks beautiful! We're going up to Kings Canyon this weekend and Kev can't wait to get up in the mountains. What a blessing of a backyard we have! And the side yards too!

Angie said...

You make me miss CA even more! We spent Father's Day (after church) at Red, Hot and Blue (yummy BBQ) and helping the little girls climb the rock wall at REI. They both made it to the top on the advanced side! That made a proud Daddy. Sure would have been more fun being out in nature, but we'll have to save that for another day. Thanks for sharing your hike with us I'm winded just looking at it. :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

What a GREAT job you did giving us a step-by-LONG-step journey with you. I've only done Vernal once. I'm still recovering. JUST BEAUTIFUL and even more fun to see people we LOVE there! You could only add to Yosemite. We've been in the mountains, too and are back down to our "lovely" summer valley. Blech! Hope to see you Saturday!

Anonymous said...

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