Sunday, June 29, 2008

Farmer Dave

Here is my farmer husband's pride and joy - his garden.... He's not really a farmer, except for his garden on the side of our house. What he is really hoping for is a place one day where he can grow until his heart's content.

This is his long row of tomato's. There are 10 plants here and 5 others spread around the yard. No ripe tomato's yet, but hopefully next week.

Here is a zucchini from the garden. These things are prolific! They just keep coming until the plant finally least that's been our experience. And watch them carefully; if you wait a day, before you know it you will have a zuch the size of a small baseball bat!

Here's my honey, the farmer himself....husband and father extraordinaire...Dave Teter


Tuna Jones said... garden is PITIFUL compared to yours!!! No fair!!!

Joanna said...

Wow! We need to take lessons! I can't believe that zucchini came out of your garden!!!

The McCracken family said...

Fun, fun, Reginia! Another blog to scroll through sometimes! Kaylee will be especially happy about that -- she loves looking through peoples' photo albums. We'll have to show Connor Dave's garden, too -- he's got a little one of his own that he really enjoys.
Thanks for letting us know about your blog!

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