Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 41st to Tina and 44th to me!

Sisters and Friends

Yup, we share the same birthday, three years apart. Our first cousin, Dawn, actually shares it with us too. She and I are exactly the same age. What are the odds of that?! Happy Birthday to you too, Dawn. People always ask us if it bothered us to share a birthday. We can honestly say, no it didn't and doesn't to this day. It just makes it that much more fun. Over the years we have tried to get together as much as possible, but when we can't, we call and send cards. This was a card and call year. Tina is in Colorado and I'm here in California. Happy Birthday, Tina! Love you!!!

These pictures are so us...screaming down Toboggan Hill...well I was, and laughing so hard we can't catch our breath.

Gotta love the "winter-wear"!

The family took me to dinner tonight. My only request was that I didn't want to do, we went to dinner and Nacoya made sure I didn't come home to a dirty kitchen....Thank you, Nacoya!!! I also got to talk to Josh via cell phone in Missouri where he preparing for his job training - that was really nice.
Yummy dinner.
Me at 44. I definitely feel my age a little more each year. I always heard my parents and others older than me talk about this, but it's like anything, you really can't relate until you have been there yourself. Exercise isn't an option anymore! It helps to keep the little aches and pains away and hopefully will keep me healthy longer. Not that it seems to be doing much for those over 40 problem areas! Good grief....I never thought I'd have to work so hard for such little progress. Oh well, maybe that's why vanity wains as we get older too....a good thing.


colorado sis said...

what a nice post. you found some fun pictures of the two of us.

Happy Birthday again!
Love you.

Joanna said...

Happy birthday!!! Hope your day was fun! Where did you eat? Looks like Marie Callendars. Yummy!

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