Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching Up

The last couple of weeks have been very full. Josh came in for two weeks at Thanksgiving and left for Japan just Wednesday (more on that later), our home school choirs had their concert Thursday, and we threw a 16th birthday party for Nacoya. Whew! I love the holidays, but why is it that everything about the season needs to happen in such a short time and then add anything extra and it's a race for the finish line? I must sound so "Bah Humbugish". I'm not really....we love this season and do our best to soak it all up.
I'll start with Nacoya's B'day party. We had it hear at home and invited lots of friends from church and school.

A light meal to start things off.
These are the results of a game that the kids played called Bigger or Better. They had to go around the neighborhood in teams and "trade up" from the ornament we gave them to something bigger or better. The team with the best stuff won.
This picture below was from the winning group...they brought back 2 TVs, 2 tires (much to David's dismay), and an old weed eater.
Another game and some visiting
Birthday Cake!!!
Opening gifts.

Nacoya had a great time and was blessed by so many friends.
I'll be back tomorrow to update on Josh and other Christmas season happenings.

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Robynn said...

Your blog is so cozy and inviting! I love it. And thanks for keeping us posted on the goings-on and all the pics. One day I might be as tech savvy as you but for now I better stick to the written word.

Thank you for writing on my blog and for the chuckles. :D I had a feeling I couldn't be the only one singing, "O Little Town of Mayhem...!"

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