Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Colorado!!!

We made it to Colorado! It was very late on Tuesday night, but we made it. Our flight left Sacramento at 6pm on Tuesday. The next stop was Vegas. Our next flight to Denver was supposed to leave at 8:25pm, but was delayed until 12:40am!!!! Fortunately, we got an earlier flight out at 9:50 and finally made to Denver by 1am, Denver time. By the time we got our luggage and made the one hour drive back to Tina and Terrell's it was 3am. Whew! We were tired, but glad to be here. We slept in as much as we could yesterday and got ready for Christmas Eve. Grandma and Grandpa arrived in Denver at 6pm last night, so it was back to the airport for another pickup. No complaints here though; it's been a year since we have seen them (the longest ever) so we are just thankful they could make it in.

Waiting in Las Vegas for our plane to arrive. We have to say that this was our first time flying with Southwest and we would gladly do it again. They are friendly and as good as they can be, given the weather, about getting you to your destination on time. They are funny too....telling jokes and making the trip a little more interesting.

Bringing in the fudge....we wait all year for a piece of Grandma's fudge

Christmas Eve we dressed up and went to church with Tina and Terrell. I tried to get a picture of the church, but it was a little dark. It is a beautiful mountain church with a rock fireplace and wood beams running across the ceiling. They had a candlelight service. One thing about being in the family of matter where I am, I feel at home just being with other believers.

Christmas morning!


Linda said...

Hi Reginia ...

What a nice family photo. Looks like a great time in Colorado! Hope your Christmas was wonderful.

Robynn said...

Reg - It looks wonderful and sounds terrific! I hope you're having a great time and it sounds like you are. I know what you mean about always feeling at home with other believers. That's one thing I love about being a Christian: you always have family no matter where you go, as you say.

Will we see you on New Year's Day? Can't remember when you said you were coming back.

Christy said...

Looks like you're having a good time... we sure miss you but know you're among loved ones!! Those Thruston kids are GORGEOUS!!

The McCracken family said...

Aha -- I hadn't read this blog before reading the one above it and was wondering why you were expecting snow in Fresno. Read them in the right order and it makes sense! We've flown with the airline that tells jokes, too -- our kids still quote "And in case of an emergency, the passenger seated next to you may be used as a flotation device." We're glad you're having a great time!

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