Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Happenings...Graduations and Parties

Saturday was one busy day with it all starting at 10:30 in the morning with a brunch for a good friend's daughter graduating from college and not ending until 10:30pm when we picked up my niece, Rebecca at the airport.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take the camera to the first party of the day, so we will begin with Kelsey and Samantha's graduation party. There are eight of Jen's friends that she has known since we began homeschooling in the 4th grade graduating this year. (Not to mention all the other friends graduting as well...) Some of them have gone on to public or private school, but they are all still very close. Kelsey and Sam started the party circuit off this season. We were only there a short time due to the next stop....

...Josh Yee's graduation. He is another good friend that she first met when we began homeschooling. He went on to University High School, a college prep school on the Fresno State campus. They have kept in touch over the years and remained good friends. His graduation was event number 3 of 5 Saturday.
An empty diploma? The high schools don't give out the real diploma at graduation anymore (at least around here). They get it mailed to them later in the week. Next stop, Nacoya's play....

She was in a 3 act play of a medley of Shakespeare works. She played Kate from "Taming of the Shrew". Event 4 of 5.

Here she is with her friend, Austin, another Shakespearean actor. Next stop...the airport to pick up Rebecca!

Arriving at the airport. They recently did some remodeling. There are these HUGE Sequoia replica's. They are really pretty cool.

Nacoya and Jen passing the time until Rebecca arrives.....
...she's here!!! Her last day of high school for the year was last week, so she came to spend the week with Jen and be at her graduation. Whew! We made it 5 of 5. Now to head home, get some sleep and start again tomorrow with the annual Memorial Day Rocca Party!
Leaving for the Rocca party!
Line dancing to a little Earth, Wind and Fire
Mrs. Rocca and Mrs. Rocca watching the volleyball game

Hanging out with friends

We always end the evening with an outdoor movie...this year Madagascar 2.

Wrapped up in blankets to watch the movie.

Jen and Becca...so glad to be together again.

Oh yes, Christy and I were on "security" detail (go ahead...chuckle, chuckle, laugh, laugh) back in the spring for the Easter outreach. We didn't get our official shirts until after the week, so we had to find a reason to wear them....I'm sure everyone felt safer with us there.

Before the girls and I got out there, Dave went over for a little therapy...tractor duty. He had had a really stressful week, so Randy said come on out and mow the side lot on the tractor. Well, that was an offer Dave just couldn't refuse! He was such a pro that he even got more offers...he may have found a new way to decompress.
We ended our very busy weekend on Monday afternoon with Josh Yee's graduation party.
Dave and I enjoying the afternoon relaxing at the party.

Group photo at the party....Josh and Jen are right in the middle (hint: if you click on any picture it usually enlarges it)
Jenna and Jenna. One of Josh's two sister's is a Jenna as well.

Josh, Jon, Jen and J.T. (That's a lot of J's!!)

And that was the end of a very busy, but fun weekend. Now it's our turn to kick it into high gear for Jen's graduation on Friday and the party on Saturday!


Spike and Tuna Jones said...

yeah! These are great. thanks.. jenna bug and josh's picture reminds me of me and mr. t. becca looks mighty happy. oh yes.. and your shirts. You two are amazing security women. scared me just looking at you! lol.

Christy said...

Whew, what a weekend! Loads of fun.... whatever are we going to do when this all ends in July? We'll have to COOK!! LOL And you BETCHA we are scary lookin' security moms - we raised our 20 yr old boys, so nobody messes with us!

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Wow woman, you were busy! You took some good pics. And yes, Lawn Mower Man, you're totally in your element! LOL! Good to see Becca in the pics, but no Josh T. :( sure you missed him too.
See you Friday!

Joanna said...

YAY! Wow you are so busy! Looks like lots of fun though! I'm so happy Becca gets to be there with her...how special. Enjoy the rest of your week! :) And your hair looks really cute.

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