Thursday, January 8, 2009

Foggy Day Schedule

Current Temp 43 °F
Wind : Calm
Humidity : 93 %
Pressure : 30.20" (1022.8 mb

As anyone from around here knows, fog is as common in the winter as 105 degrees is in the summer. It can last for a couple of weeks at a time, with very little sun to be seen. This is one of those weeks. I'm not complaining though, spring comes early and it gives me a reason to pour a cup of hot tea and either sit down with a good book or watch a movie on these foggy nights. (Tonight is the movie with Jen, Coya and Melissa as they are all still out of school until next week.) As my fellow bordie collie lovers also know, no exercise for the dog means no rest for the master. This master worked today and didn't get out this morning to take the beloved pet on his morning run. So, what does the master do? Bundle up and go for a walk in the fog! Underneath that hood is an ear wrap and underneath that jacket are two other layers to keep me warm. This fog tonight is something we don't always get. It's more like a mist than a heavy on-the-ground kind of fog. The ground looks like it just rained, but it's just the mist in the air. Why can't some of this stuff roll in about mid July when it is a sweltering 105 degrees outside?!! That's why we go to the coast, which is kind of funny in and of itself. We wait all winter for the fog to lift and then what do we do when it gets hot....head for the coast for more fog!!
My glasses get covered in mist....


Robynn said...

You and Diesel are too cute! You painted a great picture of winter life in the Valley. I LOVE the pics.

Tina Balina said...

the pictures are great. Diesel looks rareing to go! Do you drop the e in that word. is that even a word? Anyhow. we have sun! No fog and NO SNOW! Weird.

Joanna said...

Fun. A cup of hot tea and a movie sounds so very cozy. Hope you had fun with the girls. :) I remember the first time I told someone who was not from Fresno that we had "Foggy Day Schedule," they laughed at me. :)

Julie Temple said...

Wow, Diesel is lucky to have a good owner like you. I think this season I have done more reading than ever, this weather warrants it! Love the mist on the glasses, very cute :-)

Linda said...

It's funny how much I loved foggy day schedules when I was in school. We'd wait to see our school's name run across the bottom of channel 18 and then cheer like we'd won the lottery. Now ... I'm not so excited about the fog. I find myself freezing all day long and yearning for some sun. Doesn't seem to bother our dogs though huh? You're such a faithful master to go out in the mist!

The McCracken family said...

Poor Cuddles. We never take her on walks (well, once every couple of years, maybe). She is 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 years old, tho. She just heads out back once in a while, runs around and barks, comes in, barks at the mailman (the evil villain), and then sleeps. And sometimes throws up. But we like her. Your dog is off to a much better start!

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