Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Orange Season!

It's January and that means the oranges are on the tree and ready to pick. We don't have that many this year. I think that's because we had a storm when the blooms were coming on and we lost a bunch, but anyhow we do have some oranges. And the cool thing is that they are BIG and taste great!

This is the neighbors tree...just behind us. They let us have what they can't pick.
This is our tree....not so many oranges. You can see that it's foggy here this morning.
This is the behemoth Dave picked this morning. No was as big as a grapefruit!
For all my family in Colorado and Idaho: If I could afford to box up a bunch of these and send them to you, I would. We were there (Colorado) at Christmas and found that oranges are worth as much as gold!


Tina Balina said...

looks so good! enjoy your vitamin c.we have been drinking orange juice like crazy around here.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Yum! Ain't it great? Can't wait to harvest some. It's fresh squeezed o.j. season. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Linda said...

We planted an orange tree when we first bought out house, some 15 years ago. It has blessed us with a total of 6 oranges in all those years. Since it never grew over 3 feet tall we figured it was either a mislabeled non-producing dwarf tree, or we are just terrible orange farmers. Thank goodness my dad supplies with oranges every year. It bothers me when I drive by homes and see fruit that has fallen off the trees because no one bothers to pick it.

Enjoy your fruit of gold!

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