Saturday, January 3, 2009

In Memory of a Dear Friend...

Yesterday marked the 1st anniversary of the passing of my good friend, Rose MacAlpine. There almost hasn't been a day that has gone by this past year that I haven't thought of her. She was such a vibrant individual. Many mutual friends have commented that it still doesn't seem possible that she could be gone....I feel the same way. The more that time goes by, the more I am able to accept it, but her energy and her passion for life, music and the Lord lives on in my memory. Now and then when I really miss her I ask the Lord to tell her hello for me. Maybe that's crazy, probably not very theologically sound either, but I do know that one day I will see her again. I look forward to that time and keep singing in her honor. If I can communicate just a portion of the praise for our heavenly Father that she did, I will have accomplished much and honored her well.


Robynn said...

I wish I had known Rose, Reg. I had a copy of the family picture that was on her program at the service. I've looked at it so many times and thought how impossible it seems that she is gone. Thankfully, life does go on forever. It's just so hard when we have to send others we love so very much on ahead of us.

You are an honor to her, Reg. We all treasure you, too, and your incredible spirit and love. Your sweet, angelic voice and the enthusiasm and kindess you offer all your friends are always touches from the Lord.

Love You,


CRocca said...

I didn't know Rose as well as you Reg, but thanks for honoring her memory with an anniversary post.


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