Tuesday, February 10, 2009

World Ag Expo - Happy B'day David!!!

As an early birthday celebration, Dave and I took off this morning with the Rocca clan to the World Ag Expo just an hour down the road in Tulare. It is the largest agriculture show in the world. After walking it for seven hours I can see why. They said we had seen about half of what was there! What birthed the idea of going to the farm show is Dave's love of anything John Deere. His grandpa was a wheat, rye and barley farmer in eastern Colorado owning 640 acres. Even though he didn't grow up in Colorado, they would go back there most years to help with the harvest. Dave has fond memories of riding on the combines and grain trucks with his grandpa, which is where his love of John Deere comes from. He has a small collection of toy replicas of all of his grandpa's tractors and combines, as well as many other miscellaneous John Deere items, including a few that we picked up today.
So here we are 10 days before the big 50 heading down Highway 99 to Tulare to the Ag show. Randy and his dad go every year, and with good reason as raisin growers, and I've taken the kids once six years ago, but this was Mr. T's first time.
Getting ready this morning....Dave putting on his John Deere socks that Tina and Terrell gave him this past Christmas. Can you read what it says?

Entering the Expo

We're here! Randy, Dave and Earl, name tags on and ready to go...

This is the entrance into the expo....One of many large streets inside the expo
Group photo
This one is for my dad. He's an Aflac representative and always gives us fun "duck" paraphernalia. When we went by the Aflac booth and saw the duck, I just couldn't resist.
This was at the Dewalt booth. This is the car that was driven in the Nascar races this past year....can't remember the driver's name, but I'm sure some of you Nascar lovers will know who he is.
The long awaited John Deere tent and tractor display!
Just gotta try a few out. "So, that's not too big for the lawn, is it honey?"
"Or maybe this one?"
A love affair with green...(we actually put him up to this one)
Checking it out a little closer....
Besides anything farm that you can see at the expo, they also have great food. We had tri-tip sandwiches for lunch and Hanford's Superior Dairy ice cream...a local favorite.
Randy and Christy in front of yet another big tractor
How would you like to change that tire?!
This is like the wheat harvester Dave's grandpa used to use only a whole lot newer, safer and high tech. They are just huge!!!
Taking in the view....
...and the end of a great day. Many thanks to Rusty for driving us all down and Randy and Christy for showing us around. Dave loved it.....10 days till 50 and counting!


Robynn's Ravings said...

Thank you for that Reg! I have never been and wondered what I was missing. Missing big tractors it looks like! Tell Dave I used to live a stones throw, literally, from the John Deere plant in Davenport, IA. I still remember the big green gates and I have a fondness in my heart for them, too.

How fun for all of you! And Happy Birthday Mr. Teter! You look my age - 35!

J said...

Wow! That's a lot of farm stuff in one place. Dave must have been in ag heaven. :) So glad those socks came in handy! And you two look great - I love the pic of you guys on the tractor!

Julie Temple said...

Nothing like John Deer Green! Love that picture of the two of you in the tractor. Looks like you had a great time.

Tuna Jones said...

HEY! We were the sock givers this year!

Looks like you guys had a great time. Must have been chilly, I see a scarf around your neck

Bz said...

LOVE the pics.... I now have "Tractor Envy". What a beautiful day it looked like. ..and I can only imagine the food, it's always good at expos like that. Like the pic of you and your hubby in the cab of the big one. You both have pretty eyes.. bet your kids do too.

CRocca said...

Sure was a fun day - glad we got to spend it with you guys to celebrate Dave's 50th since we'll be out of town on his actual b-day.... Nothing like a little tri-tip and ice cream after walking several miles.... You should throw in a picture of his birthday hat! Love you guys...

Dave Teter said...

Humbly opinion of course, I must say I do look good with John Deere equipment

Linda said...

What fun ... I love the Ag Expo! Happy Birthday Dave!

Bz said...

Hi Reginia,
Wanted to let you know that you that you have a "Blog Award" waiting for you over at my place: http://themosquitoesbuzz.blogspot.com/2009/02/my-first-blog-award.html . I sure enjoy your posts and your family is absolutely lovely AND you have a Marine for a son.... you've got to be one proud momma ... and should be!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Hey Reg....there's are awards for you at my place...come on over.

The Parish Clan said...

How FUN!! I was wanting to go this year, but unfortunately, was too late. :-(

Ah green . . . such a wonderful color. lol


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