Monday, February 2, 2009

Bierocks and Football....

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday. I was never much into football growing up, but having been married for 23 years to a man who knows a lot about football, I have grown accustomed to spending the fall and winter watching and somewhat following the sport. Dave is no football fanatic. He says he was in his younger years, kind of like our son now. Knew every stat on every player, including baseball and basketball too (he still has a vast knowledge of those things..amazes me how guys can keep up with all that information). But he still loves the game and it's always more fun to watch a good game with friends. I have grown to love it too, well sort of. I still have trouble figuring out what is going on most of the time, but he is very patient to explain things to me over and over again (hey, good prep for when I'm old). I've actually grown so used to it that it just doesn't seem like fall if there isn't a football game on. Well anyway, that was a huge detour to this post. Who doesn't love to watch the Superbowl, if for no other reason than the commercials! There were some good ones this year, minus the few that always get thrown in the mix that make you wonder if you are watching the Superbowl at 3pm or late night television. I like the Budweiser ones the best I think. Don't go having a heart attack or anything. I don't drink beer..can't stand the stuff...except once when I had an upset tummy and my sister made me. But their commercials are favorite was the one with the Dalmatian playing fetch, then the Clydesdale decides to do the same. If you haven't seen it, look it up on YouTube. It's probably there.
For the second year in a row Dave has made his wonderful bierocks for the Superbowl. It is no small task. Lots of preparation, but he loves to cook and he loves sharing them with all of us grateful, hungry people. He made the hamburger/cabbage mixture on Saturday night and the dough on Sunday. Then it's time to put it all together. We have this wonderful tool from my Pampered Chef days that I can't even remember the name of now. It's a little sandwich press. There are two sizes...he uses the big one for the bierocks. They are so yummy and we eat them way too fast for how long they take to make.
Above is the evidence of his hard work....below, the finished product.
Chef Teter
Christy will love me for this picture...she's enjoying some dessert
We had Dave's bierocks and Christy's chili, which was very yummy. Then dessert...need I say more?
Dave and this killer apple-raisin pie from Sunmaid....very good. There's a plug for you Randy (he grows for Sunmaid). Just doing my duty as a good friend.
Truth be known this is why we really got together at Rocca-land. They got a new TV and it's huge and wonderful to watch. You can even see the small print on the commercials!

So how was your Superbowl Sunday?


Julie Temple said...

Beerocks yumm! I miss those now that the bakery is closed. Looks like a great party. We had a party as well with our closest friends, it was a blast. Thanks for the comment filled with encouragement the other day on my blog. I have to admit, Laurie and I last Wednesday were talking about how nervous we get having you in the audience because you're not only a voice teacher, but an incredible singer. I passed your comment onto Laurie and she said anytime you want to join us, you're welcome :-)

Bz said...

Hi ...Tetertots! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Had just a bit to visit (as it's way past my bedtime)... but had to say, Love the wood in your house... the table and behind the TV... I really like wood finishing in a house (hmmm, blog post inspiration going on in my brain). Anyway, also saw your orange tree- WOW, those are some BIG oranges. I posted pics of our Satsuma a bit back, but they are nothing like the size of your oranges. Am wondering what kind of Orange tree that is. Well, better get.

Linda said...

Ah bierocks ... brings back memories of marathon bierock making weekends with my mom.

After I consumed an entire bowl of jalapeno dip my Super Bowl day was over. I missed most of the commercials, I'll have to You Tube them. Sounds like y'all had a great day!

J said...

Yummy! Those look amazing as always. Uncle Dave you are such an amazing beerock-maker and I can't believe you didn't send some over to Colorado. :)
And what? There was a game yesterday? I just thought we were getting together with friends to hang out and eat...

Robynn's Ravings said...

We are beerock lovers in the Reilly house and Jamie likes to make them. I just bought the frozen bread dough he likes to use! I think I'll set that out to thaw. hmmmmm.

Glad you all had fun. It was great wasn't it? Even if our team didn't win - the ones in the red costumes as Christina said :D - it was a tight game and that made it exciting. Other than a win, what more can you ask for? We ate like pigs!

The Parish Clan said...

Wow! I didn't know there were others who enjoyed bierocks. :-) They are one of our favorite dishes and have almost become a family tradition. Fun!


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