Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Trees at Honey Hill

Today was Christmas Tree cutting day at Honey Hill. It's become an annual tradition that our good friends, Kim and Rod started quite a few years ago. It's a great time to see friends we don't get to see as much as we used to, eat, fellowship and of course cut trees! Most of these friends have also homeschooled their children, and as our kids have gotten older some are still being homeschooled and some have gone on to other schools, but we have all remained friends. Homeschooling brought us together, but it's our Christian friendship that keep us together.

On the way up the hill

Arriving at Honey Hill

The girls....

The boys....

Kelly and Shaela

Watching Randy and Nick cut trees

It was nice to have Josh with us this year. It gave him a chance to catch up with friends who have been praying for him these past 6 months. Pat, Robynn and me! Can you tell I am holding the camera to take this picture?

Tying the pine boughs on the van for a wreath for the front door.

Harold cutting down their tree.....
...Christina holding their tree

Kendra and Kevin on the way down with their tree.
Timber!! Action photo even!

Doddie Dot and Booty Head (these are names the boys gave each other when they were little) with Tim the tool man in the background

John, warming up for chapel

Gathering to eat

Praying over the food

After we took this picture, we realized that we both wore brown and green today! It's funny because neither of us saw each other this morning before arriving.

John leading us in some worship songs

Kaylee and Lori, mom and daughter singing and probably making beautiful harmony - they both have great voices!

Together in the chapel

Having fun with friends

On the way home


Tina Balina said...

great pictures. They told the story well. Thanks for sharing...

Joanna said...

Fun! Jenna's soooo pretty...

Christy said...

What a fun day - great pics (I stole a couple) and good story telling! So glad Josh was there to share it this year...

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