Saturday, November 15, 2008

Recording for Christmas...

Each December the People's Church choir presents a Christmas program to tell the Nativity story. This year Pastor Doug has written all the music we are singing, which by the way is amazing. He is just a writing machine right now and it's great fun to sing! For the past few years the choir has sung from the platform. This year we will be all over the sanctuary. The challenge in that is of course getting good choral sound. So, we all met at the choir room today and spent about six hours recording about 10 songs.
Dee Dee, Carol and Pastor Doug - arriving and getting ready for the day

This is Beverly on the left and Brenda on the right. They are sisters...can't you tell? Brenda is the music department secretary. She is so friendly, makes everyone feel welcome and does a great job of keeping the department running.

The choir room or makeshift recording studio. The moving blankets are to keep the sound from bouncing back and forth off the walls.

This is Mason's office - or the engineering room for Henry to record us.

Everyone is adjusting their transistor radios. We use them to hear the tracks that we are recording with. It's kind of like when you go to a neighborhood at Christmastime to see the light displays and someone has programed their lights to coordinate with a song. If you tune to a particular radio signal you can hear the song that goes with their light show. We tune to a station to hear the tracks.

Christy and I on a break. That thing hanging from my shirt is my radio (well actually Christy's - I forgot mine!)Our Commander in Chief - Pastor Doug

Listening to what we have recorded.

Time for lunch! It's amazing how hungry you can get just sitting and singing for 3 hours. Me 'n Ed's Pizza - a Fresno favorite.

Penny, a fellow soprano, with her pizza

Well, that is Christy looking very choral! And the gal with the nice smile is Brenda. She is brand new to choir and brand new to this whole recording thing. Good job, Brenda!

This is Brenda's son, Benjamin. He was so cute. It was a long day for any kid and the other kids that came were all girls, so Mom let him come hang out with us. He was a champ, but pretty sleepy after lunch. We just couldn't resist this picture.

The choir - Soprano's and Basses
Altos and Tenors
It was a fun day of fellowship and singing and now we are ready to go for Christmas!


Anonymous said... actaully got all of them to look a the camera! My goodness..


The McCracken family said...

Kaylee and I are enjoying scrolling through your blogs (I'd missed a couple). What a big recording day (mmmm... the pizza looked yummy, too :-)

Julie Temple said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. I was sorry to have to miss it. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Christy :-) said...

That was a fun day.... we should record the banter between Doug and Henry/Mason and post it on YouTube or something.... hilarious!!

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