Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday, Nick!

This is a rather late post, but last Saturday night was Nick Rocca's 20th birthday. Nick is at Cal Baptist in Riverside, but came home for the weekend, so we went out to their house to celebrate with them. Just a little background.... Nick and Josh have been best friends since 4th or 5th grade. Jen and Katie (Nick's sister) are the same age and good friends too. We met the Rocca's when we started homeschooling and now here we are nine years later watching the boys turn 20 and the girls graduate from high school! Happy Birthday, Nick. Chick-fil-a just came to Fresno. Krispy Kreme moved out and they moved it. Before going to the Rocca's we stopped in for our first meal there. We had actually had it in Colorado Springs last March while visiting family, but not been to the one here. Most of us liked it. Nacoya was the exception...felt it was a little too greasy. I don't think we will eat there all the time, but it was fun for a change and not another burger place.

Christy made two delicious cakes...spice and chocolate with cream cheese frosting. YUM!

Is that fire extinguisher a statement?

Dave and Nick - like a proud papa

So when we left I forgot to take the camera. When I turned it on after getting it back, this is what I saw. I laughed out loud...true colors, Nick!

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Christy :-) said...

That's my boy!! It makes this mother so proud to see that he's learning a lot in his private college in his favorite class, "Goofy Faces 101" LOL!!

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