Monday, August 11, 2008

Back Home....

It was a great weekend. We pulled in late Friday night, so everyone slept in a little, especially Josh. I hated to do it, but I woke him up about 8:45 Saturday, because he wanted to get his uniforms cleaned and back that day. Jen had a couple of things to do too so they took off together in the Jeep. It's so nice having him back home. It's amazing how one person missing from your family can make such a difference. We've missed his energy and that smile. He says he got nicknamed "Hollywood" at Boot Camp, because of that smile.
Josh's first ride with Jen in the Jeep. She didn't have her license when he left. He said she was a good driver.

Relaxing at home again

Getting acquainted with puppy was like Josh had never left. Diesel didn't bark or anything, just started licking and playing with Josh.

Playing Frisbee...nothing's changed - Diesel still doesn't like to give up the Frisbee

Playing like only Josh will play

Josh wore his uniform to church Sunday, so of course I had to get more pictures.

Josh and Randy or Papa Rocca.
We had a BBQ on Sunday so Josh could catch up with some friends without having to go see them all. Those of you who have moved away know what it's like to come back and visit and feel like you just can't see them all.
BBQing the hamburgers

Jim and Randy were supervising the barbecuing of the hamburgers...on the swing of course.

The food's ready! Everybody pitched in and brought some very yummy side dishes. I love potlucks!!!

Eating all that good food

Good friends....Jordana, Jenna, Josh and David

Men-folk talking about guns.... really they are. It was too fun to watch.

Telling stories from Boot Camp

Two of the guys in here are police officers and they were all sharing storiesDiesel was just looking for flies to chase most of the afternoon. He did so well! We weren't sure what to expect from him, but he didn't bark as people came in or jump on them. He just seemed thrilled with all the activity. Way to go Puppy!!!

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Joanna said...

Fun! Looks like you had a great day. I'm glad Josh got to see all his friends. Those are two beautiful kids you have there!

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