Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saying Goodbye...

Today was the end of 10 days of leave for Josh. It's been a great 10 days packed full of family and friends. We hated to say goodbye. Unlike in boot camp, this time he can call and email on Sunday's. That will help, but I have to say there was something special about writing letters. Maybe we will still do some of that too. Waking up with Diesel. It was very early - 4:30am to be exact. Arriving at the airport - 5:45am. Checking for his ticket and orders...
He has three bags of gear to take with him when he travels.....and they are heavy too!

A few last pictures

Josh and Ashlie...making the best of it. Fortunately she has school to keep her busy while he's gone.
Off he goes. Two other guys were leaving for Pendleton this morning too....a little misery loves company, isn't that how the saying goes? He texted us later and said they were all just sort of zoned out as they were waiting for the plane. He said it wasn't so hard to leave the first time, but this time was difficult. I don't suspect it gets any easier and yet we know and he knows that he wouldn't have it any other way right now. We are learning to not take for granted time with loved ones, whether near or far!

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