Thursday, August 14, 2008

Everyday happenings...and then some

My usual routine in the morning is to wake up around 6-6:30, grab a cup of coffee and head for the swing. Diesel usually bounces around while I drink my coffee and wake up. For whatever reason, this morning he decided to join me on the swing. I guess he thought he was missing out.
"So....this is pretty comfortable. Too bad I can't stay". (I booted him off not long after he jumped up - a little too perky for 6am!)

We now have cable TV! Do you see what's on the screen? It's my husbands all time favorite show, Star Trek. It's on the Sci Fi channel. We still have so little clue as to what all is on the tube, but when we get a moment to sit still we start checking out our favorite channels again...HGTV, Sci Fi, Discovery, TV Land.Relaxing with Captain Picard
Jen is making a smoothie....Diesel is looking for treats. We keep his bones in there. I bet he thinks he is getting one, when really Jen is just looking for more stuff to put in the smoothie. Poor puppy.
Jen Jen
It's been fun to see Josh play his guitar again. He said his fingers hurt a little - no more calluses.
This is the big new of the day. Yes, it's real! Josh has been wanting a tattoo since...well a long time. I can't even remember when he started wanting one. Now that he is a Marine, I guess he decided it's time. For those who don't know, Semper Fi (actually Fidelis) means "always faithful". I think that's pretty cool. I'm not much into tattoos but it suits Josh. The design is of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. It's a pin that was given to the recruits after they got to the top of the hill at the Cruicible. It meant they were finally Marines. Each symbol means something and it escapes me what that is right now. Maybe I'll post that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I can get mine now too! the tatoo that is. Deisel is too funny. i wonder how he acn charley would do. Even looking at him makes me laugh. Oh, We had another BiG whopping storm last night! Tell Dave We just found Picard too !

Tina Balina Tired One

Joanna said...

Wow! Pretty cool. It looks good on him. I love that you took pictures of yourself at 6am. You are braver than I. :)

Kimbirz said...

Josh, Looks good!! I'm with your Mom not into them but it does fit you!! Hope you all had fun a the cabin.

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