Saturday, August 2, 2008

Big Finale for Biola Ministry

I haven't mastered the order in which I should post my pictures yet. Very frustrating! So the beginning of the day is at the bottom and the end of the day right here at the top. I'll remember eventually how to do this right!
The end of a great month of ministry. I was only able to be part of the outreach this week, but what a rewarding week it was.! The gentleman third from the left is Pastor Tim. He is the Pastor of the church that allowed us to use their facility. Thank you Pastor Tim!
Aren't they adorable!!!

Mrs. Clark - director extraordinaire!!!

Playing their pieces for their families

Tuning up for their part of the concert...

Miss Sue Nylander, flute teacher from PSCA, directing the kids with their new recorders, which they got to take home.... Can you see their shirts? They made those...their hand prints are on the front and their names on the back - made them look and feel official.


This is Danny Sobaje (I think I spelled that right) and the rest of the brass. He's my favorite trumpeter (not that I know very many!) He's just a nice guy too and recently cut a big band CD - I'm anxious to get mine! (All of these musicians were volunteering for the night)

Mike and a orchestra members from Peoples as well as a few of his band buddies came out to entertain us with some Latin music. They did such a great job and what a nice mood it set for the evening.

Families arriving for the dinner and concert

Elaine and her daughter, helping prepare food for the dinner. Her husband BBQ ed the meat for us and she just came in and offered to help cut up the watermelon. She never left the kitchen the entire night. I was so impressed with her generosity - there were so many people like her just doing what they could to contribute.

Sherri and Sonia getting the store ready for the kids to spend their Biola Bills that they earned over the past four weeks - Sonia was priceless, one of the few that spoke Spanish, a big help with some of the kids and especially their families. A few more of the children preparing for the concert

I think this is Cristian - the little concert master. It's amazing how music transcends culture and socioeconomic status. A few of these children really took to the violin, not an easy instrument to play, and would go on to do well studying music if given the opportunity. Cristian was one of them. Just a little FYI for those that don't know, the concert master or mistress plays 1st chair and is considered the best violinist in the orchestra. In a professional orchestra, he or she gives the first note to tune the orchestra and would be given any solos that are done by the violin.

Practicing for the concert

65 Goodie Bags for the kids and their siblings to take home - they are full of stuff kids like, candy, crackers, licorice, gum, etc. Jen came out and helped me put these together. She said she looked awful and wouldn't let me take a picture of her.

Last day of Biola Enrichment Days


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