Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meet Nacoya...

About a month ago we became aware of a young girl's need for a home. Not quite a year ago she lost her dad to an aneurysm. A year earlier her mom passed away. Needless to say her world has been turned upside down. Since then she has been living with her aunt and uncle in Mariposa, about an hour and half drive from Fresno and they have done an amazing job helping her through such a difficult time. Her uncle commuted to bring her down for school each day last year, but given the cost of gas and the time spent on the road, they felt the need to find a better way to keep her in school here in Fresno, as well as keeping her connected with her church family, which has become so important since losing her dad. To make a long story short, Nacoya spent a couple of days with us during this last month and we all felt she would just fit right in. So, her aunt and I spent some time on the phone working out the details and she moved in yesterday. She will spend Monday - Friday here with us and go back to her aunt and uncle's house on the weekends and holidays. We have all missed having Josh around and one child never replaces another, but it will be nice having another teenager around again. He was right on board with us bringing her in and giving up his room for her. That was a bit hard for me as I went through his things, but he had packed up so much already for when he gets stationed that it just didn't make sense not to open up the room for Nacoya. Josh's stuff - need to figure out where to store it until he needs it! EEK!An empty room - seemed strange looking at it this way.Jen and Nacoya unpacking her things
We went out to get her some new bedding and make it a little more Nacoya-like. We still need to update the valance, but the room definitely has a girl feel now.
More of her room....
All ready for her first day back to school!


Anonymous said...

so proud! The room looks very girly! Can't wait to meet her.

Robby Kurtz said...

Thats great!! I can't wait to meet her if we are in town in the future. I know she will feel welcome with you guys.

Kimbirz said...

That's wonderful Dave and Reg.
How fun for Jen too!!
You guys will be a great encouragement for her during this time. Will be great to meet her.

Joanna said...

Wow that's great! She is so blessed to have such a wonderful home and great family to live with. You guys are amazing for opening your home to her. What a sad story about her parents.

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