Monday, August 18, 2008

A Fun Weekend...

On Saturday night we went to Earl and Sandy Rocca's 50th Anniversary party. Josh and Jenna with Earl and Sandy or Noni and Nunu, as they are affectionately called (that's Italian for Grandma and Grandpa).Josh Peine and John goofing around while we were waiting for dinner...never a dull moment with those two around, especially if they are together!Jen and Sammy PaulTimmy Paul looking cuteThis is when the fun really began....
It was fun watching all the kids dance together.

Don't you love this? Reminds me of watching an old WWII movie with the service men and their gals.
This was their first time dancing together...notice the cute little girl off to the side, she got in a lot of our pictures. I'm sure she slept for her mommy that night!Dave and I even got in on the actionIt's been a long time since we have been dancing together
Christy and Randy stole the show with their country swing dance...they were really good! Where did you all learn to dance like that?
More of the kids having fun. They were a hoot to watch because they would make up goofy stuff to do to the different dances. Brother and cute!Timmy was having the best time. He didn't have any trouble getting out there with the big kids and dancing.Josh Peine and Jen dancing to a 40's numberJason and MarieJohn and KathyIt was a great evening celebrating with Earl and Sandy.

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CRocca said...

what fun that night was... I don't think Randy & I have danced like that in 10 years... he learned at the ag fraternity at Fresno State - AGR. Great pics - I'm glad you could come - it was a moment in time with all the kids.... :-))

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