Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cabin Time

Arriving at the CabinJen and the Jeep - We thought we'd give the Jeep a try in the mountains. Dave loved it! This is a great swing. I usually don't get too much time on it because the kids love it so much, but this time I spent lots of time on the swing.
Josh has been looking for a good pull up bar since he got back home. This one was perfect. He of course handled it with no problem.

Dave did great too...Then there was Jen and me...
For all the walking we do, we didn't quite measure up on the pull ups...do you see me screaming? I was slipping off...
...And there I go! Josh didn't think I was really falling until he saw me on the ground.So now, off to do something Jen and I are good at...a walk
I forgot my walking shoes so I found these in the cabin....thank you Pat or Kim. I have to say they are pretty wild, but they worked!The other thing we always do at the cabin is BBQ...tonight it was tri-tipSitting down to dinner (I don't know what button I pushed on the camera, but we got a few of these black and whites because of it)
We were trying out the auto-shoot timer on the camera. Kind of a cool color combo from whatever I changed on the camera

These catfish have been in the pond for about as long as we have been going there, at least 7 years. They are huge...must be two feet. This is for the cousins. They are always trying to catch them when they come up with us.
He just came right out of the water for me. We were feeding them left over pancakes...great catfish diet, huh?Waking up on Saturday morningSleepy heads
Last time on the swing before we take off.

This post is a little out of order, but I only had time yesterday for Saturday's party. Friday Dave, Josh, Jen and I headed up to the cabin. We have been staying in Fish Camp at a friend's cabin for quite a few years now. Usually it's been on Labor Day with Tina and Terrell and the cousins. They are in Colorado now and Josh will be gone still, so we decided to head up for a night while he was home - just the four of us. It's a place that holds a lot of memories for our family, and we are so blessed that the Allred family has opened it up to us. Josh's time has been so divided since he's been home with so many people to see, so it was a perfect place for us to go get some family. time.

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