Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marine Graduation...

Yesterday was Josh's graduation from Marine boot camp. Everyone who had been through this told us it would be such a memorable experience and it was. It's always gratifying to see your kids succeed at something that took perseverance and hard work, whether it's school or a sport or maintaining their relationship with the Lord, and this was no different. Josh will never forget what he learned to become a Marine and we have been so impressed with the qualities we see in him from the experience.
Waiting for the ceremony to being

Molly the Marine Mascot

The Marine Corps Band. They were so good. If you love drum and bugle corps band reviews, you'd love them. Their moves were so sharp and totally in time with each other.

More of the band

Josh's platoon walking by in the parade

In formation preparing for final dismissal

There's Josh on the far left! He looks so handsome. I know I'm biased, but there's something about a man in uniform.

Shaking Grandpa's hand - he served for nine years in the Marines and left with the rank of Staff Sergeant. Josh has a totally different respect for his Grandpa now.
Giving him a hug...still grandpa

Hugs for Grandma

Seeing Aunt Pat! He wasn't expecting Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob or his grandparents to be there.

Hugs for Uncle Bob

Josh and cute together

Josh and Nick...notice Nicks shirt says "My brother is a Marine". They didn't have any best friend shirts, so he opted for this. It works, they are like brothers.

Cousin Gabe and Josh. It was so good to have him with us. Josh was so happy to see him and so sad to see him leave. We love you, Gabe!!!!

Josh and good to see them together again, even if it's only for a few days

Proud parents...if you could see the writing on our shirts, they say "Proud parent of a U.S. Marine"...... guilty as charged.

Cousins and Auntie. Aunt Pat's a hoot! All the kids have always loved being with Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob. She's a 60 something that has the youthful heart of a 20 something.

With Auntie and Uncle. They drove in from Las Vegas to be at the graduation.

With Grandpa and Grandma. They drove in from Arizona to be there.

The new Marine

The first thing he wanted to eat was an In and Out Burger, so that's where we went. Looks like he enjoyed every bite! He says that's all the guys would talk about, In and Out and some place in Texas called Water Burger.

We needed to kill some time before we took Gabe to the airport, so we went down by the wharf to hang out a bit. I wanted a pictures of the two of them together, so they posed for me.

Everyone at the wharf


CRocca said...

such great pics.... and captions to go along with them... it makes me feel like I got to go too - Gabe is getting to be soooo handsome! (sorry Gabe - don't want to embarrass you...)

Tuna Jones said...

These are great. I'm so proud! I love my shirt by the way. I plan on wearing it proudly!!!

Thanks Christy for the nice compliment.. He has grwon up very quickly...

Joanna said...

Wow! Great pictures. Looks like it was such a great experience. We are so proud of him. By the way it's What-a-Burger. I thought it was Water Burger too when we first moved there because that's how everyone says it...for some reason. In and Out looked yummy!

Jacinda said...

Hey Regina! I loved getting a comment from you the other day. You didn't link your blog on the comment so I didn't know you had one! I didn't know Josh was becoming a Marine! You must have been so happy to see him. He looks great!

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