Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jen's Jeep!

We found a car.... or is it a truck?! I think it's a truck. We have been looking for a few weeks for something for Jen to drive and we finally found it. We didn't want to spend much, because we are eventually going to need another car for us and God was good to give us just what we needed. Craig's list is a new thing for us; we haven't had much need to use it, but boy was it helpful. What did we ever do without the internet!? So I see this jeep advertisement for $2500 and decide I'll call on it. When I called on it he says that the price is actually $1500. what's wrong with it? Nothing he says, he just said if they didn't sell it he was just going to take it to auction so they lowered the price. He got a new truck and his wife has a different car and they just don't have a need for it anymore. This guy is a farmer out in Madera and his wife used it as her work vehicle. He took really good care of it and it drives great! No tears or damage to the inside and it was painted just a year and half ago. One of those things you hope to find, but aren't ever sure you will or if you do that you can trust the people that sold it to you. It does have over 200,000 miles on it, but hey, but it was only $1500! We have to trust that the Lord gave us something we can afford and He will keep it running. It's a 1996 Cherokee, V6, 2 wheel drive, which should be better for Jen on insurance. Jen is thrilled to have something to drive and we are thrilled to not have to just depend on our good old truck as a back up for the van.


Giving it a bath...which it really needed from being out on a ranch.


Anonymous said...

WOW! it's so cute! Congrats Jenna. Listen to your mother when she tells you something while driving... heed aunties adive. :)

Aunite Tina

Bucci Jones said...

jen!!!!! i am soo happy for you! thts so awesome that you have your own car to drive around! I think you need to make a blog now. That would be very fun!

Kimbirz said...

Jenna...You're too young to have your own car!!
Stop growing up so fast!!
Congratulations, just remember to put OIL in your car from time to time or your transmission will BLOW UP!! Right Auntie? LoL

Auntie Kimmie:) I love you Tina!:)

Anonymous said...

Heyyy jenn it's katie and momma rocca here!!
just wanted to say the vehicle is GORGEOUS and it's exactly what we imagined you having!!

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