Saturday, July 12, 2008

Waiting on the the Maters and other Saturday stuff...

This is me blogging. My sis wanted pictures of what we are doing today, so here you go. :)

The yellow tomatos are the only ones we have gotten so far - this makes 4. The red ones, Dave tells me, are just about ready. I think they look great now, but the expert says they aren't quite done. I'd really like a mater with my dinner, but maybe tomorrow. I feel like that old Mervyn's commercial where the lady stands at the door and says, "Open, open, open". Instead I'm saying, "Grow, grow, grow"!

The Ribs.....
Dave is barbequing our ribs. He's been doing yard work all day, so he's tired, but not too tired to BBQ something yummy for dinner.

Diesel is chasing flys. He could do this for a very long time, but only if someone is out there with him. He's like the child that is always saying, "Hey, Mom! Look at me!" and is only happy if someone is in the room with him...very social, I suppose. He still has the e-collar on too. It will be two weeks on Tuesday. We are so tired of this thing being on him, but as soon as we take it off he starts licking his incisions on his paws, so we have to wait a while longer until they heal. Jen says he looks like a lightbulb when he's sitting up...kind of does.
Jen is babysitting, so no pictures of her tonight. Happy Saturday...


Tina Balina said...

these are great! it's so nice to see your day... makes me feel connected! Happy Saturday to you too!

Tina Balina

Joanna said...

Fun! Looks like you had a nice relaxing Saturday! I love that you are blogging - I feel like we are right there with you! Tell Dave and Jenna hi for us!

The McCracken family said...

I am so glad that you guys have a blog!!! I love following everyone's lives and what they're up to.

If you want tomatoes before yours are ready to eat....come to OUR house! :op Connor's maters are growing like crazy. He brings in about 4-5 big red juicy tomatoes every morning. I think we've eaten them at every meal ever since they were red enough to pick. :-)

Tell Jenna that I CAN'T WAIT to see her in the Music Man on Thurs. !!!!! See ya then!


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