Monday, July 14, 2008

A Tomato and a License!!!!

We finally have some tomato's! We were able to pick them last night for our taco dinner. They could be a tad bit riper, but we were so anxious and they still tasted sooooo good. The others are in the kitchen window ripening a bit more . Yum, yum!

Last but certainly not least, Jen got her driver's license! Thanks to her mother, she almost didn't get to take the test today. Before we left, I had gone through all the paperwork to make sure I had everything, proof of insurance, vehicle registration and the DMV papers. So we walk into the DMV and I get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and wonder if I really did get all the paperwork. Then I remembered that there was this one piece of paper that is from the driver training school that has to be signed and turned in as well, stating that she completed drivers training. Well, we are her driver's training instructors (you can do that as homeschoolers if you go through the right channels) and I put that piece of paper in a file for "safe keeping". So we get up to the counter and the clerk tells us that Jen can't take the test without that piece of paper. I felt like the biggest loser mom around. We made an appointment for tomorrow at a different DMV and started home. I looked at the clock and realized that we were early for her appointment and if we hurried, we might be able to make it home, retrieve that piece of paper and hurry back to still make the appointment. That's exactly what we did. Jen drove us home, but I drove us back to the DMV. We were in such a hurry and all I could think about was getting her back there in the quickest way possible, so that maybe she could still take the test. Of course when you are in the most hurry is when all the world seems to be moving in slow motion. Then as I'm approaching Bullard and Cedar going west bound, the light turns yellow and I'm going too fast to stop, so I decide reluctantly to try to get through. What do I see sitting in the left turn lane to turn north bound onto Cedar? A police car!!! He's the first car in the turn lane and I know he sees me in my bright red van. I'm just sure now we are going to get a ticket and when he says, "Ma'am, why were you speeding?" I will have to say, "I'm trying to get my daughter to her driving test on time." I'm sure that would go over well. Fortunately for Jen and me, he doesn't make a u-turn to pull us over and I slow down a bit. Long story short (not that short - huh?) we get there, they work her in and she passes!!! She made only 3 errors and all minor. Whew! So while I'm sitting there waiting for her to get back from the test, I meet this mom and her daughter that are also there to take the driving test. I tell her my saga of forgetting the driver's training completion form and she tells me the same thing happened to them! They were there today, because they forgot their form the first time too. Now I don't feel like such a bad mom and as Ma Ingalls used to say, "All's well that ends well."


Tina Balina said...

Yah Jenna!!!! Congrats !!!!

Joanna said...

Yay! Congratulations Jenna! That's so awesome! Gina, your story made me laugh! I can just picture the two of you zipping around Fresno in your van! I'm glad you made it on time!

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