Friday, July 11, 2008

We've Been T.P.ed!!!

We got TPed last night. If you only knew how much Dave hates TPing. He rates it right up there with vandalism...well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much!!! Of course, I think it's hysterical (sorry honey). Thankfully the sprinklers hadn't come on before we discovered it! We can only guess it was one of Jen's friends...probably payback for another time that she TPed them. Now for the clean up. Last year when this happened it took months for all the paper to fall out of the trees. I guess you could say it's "clean" summer fun....


Joanna said...

Wow!!! They got you good! At least it didn't get wet! Gosh, who can afford that much toilet paper these days? I'd be picking it off the trees and using TP for you!

Tuna Jones said...

Such a work of Art! Free Flowing TP...

Kimbirz said...

Lookin Good!! Dave couldn't happen to a nicer family :) :)
I'm with Joanna Free TP!!!! I days a commin'!!

The McCracken family said...

Ha!!!!! How funny! Now de qvestion eezz....*dun dun duunnn*

Who's the ?!?!

**calling in Scotland Yard, Sherlock Holmes, J.B. Fletcher**

~Kaylee (I can narrow done your list of suspects - me being one of Jenna's friends - and tell you I wasn't involeved. :op)

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