Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two Things I Can't Live Without

This is a Pampered Chef Food Chopper and a Salad Spinner

This is a Chinese Chicken Salad that I make with the Food Chopper and the Salad Spinner. I'm not a gadget girl. I don't need the latest greatest kitchen gadgets. I don't like to store them and I just don't feel they are always worth what you pay. These two items are different though! I bought my first food chopper in 1996 when I became a Pampered Chef Rep (not doing that anymore) and fell in love with it. The first one finally cracked (the clear casing that keeps the food from splatting on you) a couple of years or so ago. I held off for at least one year before buying a new one. I just didn't want to spend the money. But after nearly chopping off a couple of fingers I decided that the chopper would be cheaper than the deductible to get my fingers fixed...good logic, huh? I'm glad I's wonderful! Chops everything and easy to clean up. Now I sound like I'm selling it again.
The salad spinner is another story. Dave has been trying to get me to buy one of these since we got married 22 years ago. I never saw the need. Then recently in our effort not to waste what we buy or spend money unnecessarily, we realized how many paper towels we were going through drying off lettuce every time we wanted a salad. So, this spinner goes on sale and we go check it out. Besides drying lettuce super fast, it's a storage container too! Now the lettuce won't sit and rot in a plastic bag. I should have listened to my husband years ago....sorry honey.
Chinese Chicken Salad Recipe:
1 Lg. head Cabbage, shredded
1 head lettuce, rinsed, dried and shredded
1 bunch of green onions, chopped
2-12 oz cans of chicken, drained
1 C. toasted and sliced almonds
3 Tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro
3-3oz packages of chicken flavored ramen noodles
Mix all of this together in a large bowl.
1 C. oil
1/2 C. sugar
1/2 C. Japanese rice wine vinegar
2 1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. prepared mustard
1 Tbsp. chopped onion
1/4 tsp. pepper
1 clove garlic, crushed
1/4 tsp. Worchestershire sauce
Mix well and toss over salad. Very yummy recipe!
Just so that there is no confusion. I did not use the chopper on the lettuce or the cabbage, that was done with a large knife...and yes, I was careful. :)


Tina Balina said...

so how much does this cost when done. It looks yummy!


Tina Balina said...

so how much does this cost when done. It looks yummy!


Joanna said...

Yum! I used to have a salad spinner but I never used it ever. I think I sold it at a garage sale or donated it to Goodwill when we moved. Now I'm sad because I was never really sure what to use it for, and now I know. :) I can't wait to try that recipe! It looks yummy!

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